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  • Where are you located?

    Our Beauty Bar and Hair Boutique is located at 25835 Southfield Rd. Set 107 Southfield Rd. Southfield, MI 48075.


  • What type of hair is this hair?

     All of our natural dark brown hair is 100% unprocessed pure virgin hair. We do not sell "Grade" hair. Our hair has not been through any acid washes or does not contain any synthetic or silicon fibers. Our Russian Blonde and Ombre Blonde hair is 100% human hair that has been dyed. Although our Blonde textures aren't 100% unprocessed, they are still very soft and full with very minimal shedding and tangling.  

  • Can this hair be dyed?

    Yes! Our hair can be dyed and bleached and still remain its softness and shine. However, it is recommended that you have a licensed professional apply color to your Seductive Bundles. If not done properly, bleach and color can be very damaging to your Seductive Bundles and your real hair as well. We have pictures and videos on the Customer Highlights page and on our Social Media pages for you to see pictures of customers that have had their hair dyed and/or bleached.


  • Is this hair black?

    No. Our virgin hair is a natural dark brown. In some of our pictures the hair may seem like the bundles are black but once you receive your hair you will be able to see the natural dark brown shine. A lot of customers dye their hair jet black to meet their preference. 


  • How long can this hair last?

    Seductive Bundles can last over a year with proper care. Always keep in mind that Virgin hair requires maintenance because it is human hair. You have to treat it as if it's your own real hair in order for it to remain healthy and long-lasting. Check out our Hair Tips page and Hair Products We Recommend page for the best advice on keeping your Seductive Bundles, flawless. 


  • How long is shipping?

    Our normal shipping time frame is 4-6 business days. Sometimes, customers may be able to receive their hair in 3-4 business days. Business days do not include weekends or holidays. We also offer in store pick up. In store pick up orders may be picked up 3 business days after you have placed your order. Please wait until you receive the pick up ready email.


  • How many bundles do I need?

    The amount of bundles you need is ultimately up to your preference in fullness. However, this is what we recommend: 

10-14 inches: 2 Bundles

16 - 22 inches: 3 bundles 

24 -30 inches: 4 bundles 

32+ inches: 5 bundles 


  • Does this hair shed?

    Our hair has VERY minimal shedding especially when taken care of properly. You must brush and comb your hair gently and avoid using a lot of heat on your hair to keep the shedding at a minimum. Hair protector sprays are always good to use before applying heat to your hair.

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